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Jacked Pre–Cast Segmental Shaft Construction Methodologies
Speaker: Joe Anderson, Golder, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Traditional methods for capturing and analyzing site characterization data for tunnel projects, such as hand–written field logs and CAD–based subsurface profiles, have remained relatively disconnected from the overall ground model and tunnel structural design. However, recent innovations in digital automation and data collection offer the opportunity for more holistic design, allowing detailed information to be carried through the exploration stage to subsequent project phases. This paper presents state–of–the–art tools for design development, such as a cloud-based field report application, digital data planning and management tools, and 3D geologic modeling software, and how they are utilized for seamless, integrated tunnel design.

Pre–cast segmental methodology can also minimize the need for wet process applications on site and assist in reducing site waste streams due to its predominantly pre–cast system components.

About Joe Anderson, P.E.
Joe is a structural/tunnel engineer at Golder, based in Saskatoon, Canada.

Joe has 10 years’ experience across the mining and tunneling industries  and has been involved in the design and construction of multiple shafts  and tunnel projects in both competent and unstable ground utilizing across  the United Kingdom and North America using NATM/SEM techniques and steel, cast iron and composite lining systems.

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