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The North American Tunneling Conference (NAT) is the premier biennial tunneling event for North America, bringing together the brightest, most resourceful and innovative minds in the tunneling and underground construction industry.

Educational Short Courses


NAT Short Courses cover a broad range of topical areas within the tunneling and underground construction industry. THE COURSES ARE TAUGHT BY HIGHLY REGARDED INDUSTRY EXPERTS AND DESIGNED TO MEET THE CONTINUING EDUCATION NEEDS OF INDUSTRy PROFESSIONALS. RECEIVE concise information in an easily referenced format for study following the onsite course.

The course fee includes course materials, coffee breaks, lunch and AND PDH CERTIFICATE WITH transcript.

Course location:

Support of Excavation, Design and Performance. Approach to Efficient and Safe Design

Sunday, June 19, 2022 | 9:00 am - 4:30 pm | Salon B, Level 5
Member $400 | Nonmember $510

Safe and efficient open excavations are critical parts of underground construction projects. Support of excavation (SOE) design impacts many aspects of the project. Combining the technical aspects, practical considerations, and meeting the project contractual requirements to achieve this goal is not an easy task. This course provides a road map for choosing and designing the appropriate SOE system that is right for your project. It also provides design methodology and details with some examples. In addition, SOE performance is a critical part of the design to protect existing structures, both above and underground. You will learn about optimizing the SOE performance to protect exiting structures and meeting third-party requirements. This course is a must for geotechnical and structural engineers specializing in the design of underground construction projects.

Course Content

Mohamed Younis, Principal, Subsurface & Tunnel Engineering LLC
Colin Connor, Engineering Manager, Sunbelt Shoring Solutions

  • Introduction to SOE
    • Public safety
    • OHSA/Local regulations
    • Contractual requirements
    • Project requirements
    • Ground Conditions
    • Soft ground
    • Soil classification (OHA)
    • Groundwater
    • Environmental considerations
  • Type of SOE Systems
    • Soldier piles/lagging
    • Sheetpiling
    • Deep soil mixing
    • Secant piles/tangent piles
    • Diaphragm walls
    • Soil nailing
    • Jet grouting
    • Bracing Systems
    • Waler & struts
    • Rakers
    • Tiebacks
    • Deadman
    • Modular systems
  • SOE Design
    • Identify project
    • Constraint/requirements
    • Design philosophy
    • Ground conditions evaluations
    • Groundwater control
    • Design methodology
    • Design example
    • Performance
    • Acceptable deformation
  • Protection of structures/Conclusion
    • Above ground structures
    • Below ground structures
    • Acceptable movements
    • Conclusion