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Educational Short Courses


NAT Short Courses cover a broad range of topical areas within the tunneling and underground construction industry. The courses are taught by highly regarded industry experts. Short courses are designed to meet the continuing education needs of UCA of SME members and other professionals in the industry. They provide concise information in an easily referenced format for study following the onsite course.

Choose from one of four different Short Courses to enhance your professional development while attending NAT. These short courses are designed to meet the continuing education needs of UCA of SME members, SME members and other professionals in the industry. Fee includes course materials, coffee breaks, lunch and PDH certificate and transcript.

All Courses:
Are at the Wardman Park Marriott


Sunday, June 24, 2018 | 8:00 AM | Fees $475 nonmember/$375 member/$275 student

Design and Manufacturing of Precast Segments

This course is designed to educate the industry, especially the design and engineering community, about the technical details and current product advancements/trends with the design and manufacture of precast concrete tunnel segments.  This course will help to show that all of the componentry and designs involved in segment production must work together as a single system and not independent parts.

This course is designed for engineers and designers who wish to learn about precast segment design.  This course is geared toward anyone who is interested in learning more about precast segments in general, from design, construction, and installation. It is helpful if registrants have a basic knowledge of precast segments.

Content and Instructors:

  • Design Considerations for EPDM Tunnel Gaskets, Andreas Diener, CTS Cordes
  • Innovations in Connection and Grouting Systems for Precast Segments, Christophe Delus, Optimas
  • Steel Fiber for Precast Tunnel Segments, Bill Geers, Bekaert, Maccaferri
  • Ring Design and Factory Set-Up for Precast Segment Moulds, Stefan Medel, Herrenknecht Formworks
  • Combisegment Corrosion Resistant Lining System, Stefan Medel, Herrenknecht Formworks
  • Annulus Grout – Equipment, Process and Mix Design, Phil Antunes, Simem Underground Solutions
  • Admixtures and Chemicals Used in Precast Segments, Jim Lindsay, BASF
  • ACI Code for Precast Segments – Update, Verya Nasri, AECOM
  • Manufacturing and Construction Considerations in Design, Luis Piek, ARUP
  • Manufacturing of Precast Segmental Lining – Precasters View, Louis Falco, CSI
  • Contractors Perspective of Working With Segments, Mike Krulc, Traylor Bros.
  • Anacostia River Tunnel – Project Overview, Shane Yanagisawa, Lane Construction Corp.
  • Specification Issues That May Impact One-Pass Segmental Lining Manufacturing, Carlo Cattelan, Technopref

Grouting Used in Underground Construction and Tunneling

This one-day short course will present an overview of the materials, equipment and the various grouting methods used in association with underground construction and tunneling in soils and rock.  Subjects covered will include cements and admixtures, grouting equipment and practices, chemical and cementitious permeation/consolidation grouting, jet grouting, compaction grouting, pre-excavation grouting, backfill and contact grouting and cellular grouts. Ten industry experts will give the lectures on these various grouting subjects and techniques. This course is recommended for contractors, engineers, owners and consultants involved in any aspect of underground design and construction.


  • Overview of the Types of Grouting used in Underground Construction
  • Cements and Admixtures
  • Equipment Used in Grouting
  • Compaction and jet Grouting
  • Cellular Grouts used for Backfilling
  • Permeation and Consolidation Grouting
  • Polyurethane Grouts
  • Acrylate/Acrylamide Grouts
  • Probe Hole Drilling and Pre-excavation Grouting
  • Backfilling Behind Segments


  • Ray Henn, RW Henn LLC
  • Scott Anderson, De Neef/CGP Applied Technologies
  • Phil Antunes, Simem Underground Solutions
  • Britt Babcock, Avanti International
  • Brad Crenshaw, GEC Drilling & Grouting, Inc.
  • Mike Felder, ChemGrout
  • Brian Fulcher, McMillen Jacobs Associates
  • Milton Gomez, Aerix Industries
  • Kenneth Ivanetich, Hayward Baker, Inc.
  • Mark Mudlin, Normet Americas, Inc.

Risk Management for Practitioners

The goal of this course is to improve the practice of risk management and by this improvement, to improve the outcomes for underground projects. This course will review the basic principles of risk management then move swiftly beyond these basics to inform participants about the application of these techniques to example project scenarios.

What can the participants expect from this one-day course?

  • An understanding of the basics and principles of risk management
  • Clear and applicable techniques for practical application of these risk management techniques in projects
  • An opportunity to work out a solution to a self-provided task/challenge on the spot
  • Complete course documentation electronically (on a SME stick) upon check-in
  • Exemplary solutions for practical exercises upon check-out


  • Alfred Moergeli, Moergeli Consulting LLC: a risk manager and safety engineer with over 30 years of industry experience in applying risk management to projects worldwide. Alfred spent over 10 years honing his craft in the application of risk management on the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland.
  • Bob Goodfellow, Aldea Services LLC: Over 25 years of tunnel engineering and risk management experience with a passion for sharing his knowledge on these subjects. Bob is co-author of the UCA GIRM (US industry guidelines for Risk Management), writes “The Insider” column for the Tunneling Journal magazine as well as authoring numbers papers and magazine articles on the subject of Risk Management in Underground Construction.
  • Jim Brady Jr., Aldea Services LLC: Over 30 years of construction estimating, engineering and construction management experience as an owner, designer and contractor for major tunnel projects all over North America. This breadth of experience gives Jim a rich understanding of different entities’ attitude to risk and how best to apply management principles to the benefit of all project participants.

Shotcrete in Underground Construction

This one-day course offers a present-day overview of shotcrete used in underground construction.  It is intended for individuals with little or average knowledge of concrete and shotcrete technologies.  Experts in the field of underground shotcrete construction will cover topics such as specification, mix design, chemical additives, reinforcement & fibers, composite shotcrete liners, etc.  Case studies are presented as well as latest advancements in shotcrete technology worldwide.  The course is recommended to individuals involved in underground design and construction of shotcrete structures.


  • Concrete Terminology & Technology Review
  • Guidelines and Resources for Shotcrete Design and Specification
  • Shotcrete Mix Design & Admixtures
  • Shotcrete Reinforcement
  • Shotcrete Equipment and Logistics
  • Design Aspects of Composite Shotcrete Liners
  • Latest Global Advancements & Applications in Shotcrete
  • Shotcrete Case Study I or Shotcrete QC/QA Review
  • Shotcrete Case Study I or II



  • Lauro Lacerda, Normet Americas Inc
  • Mike Rispin, Normet Americas
  • Axel Nitschke, WSP
  • Patrick Bridger, King Shotcrete Solutions
  • Patrick Lewandowski, Elasto Plastic Concrete
  • Joh Hurt, ARUP